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Your email for the Parent Portal is your email address, for example it may look something like: fred.bloggs@myisp.co.uk



Your password for the Parent Portal must ben 6 or more characters long and have a lowercase letter and a number in it.


4 Digit Pin

The 4 digit pin can be determined by choosing any one of your children that you have on roll at Sutton Community Academy, getting the day and month portions of their date of birth and creating the pin in the following format, ddmm.

For example: given the date of birth, 04/10/2003, the pin number would be, 0410.


Still Have Problems?

If you are still experiencing problems, please email us at parent.portal@suttonacademy.attrust.org.uk.

Please detail as much information as you can, including your email address on the account and what the problem is. DO NOT SEND YOUR PASSWORD.

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