How to Register

If you would like access to the Parent Portal, you must first satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. Be a parent/carer of a student on roll at Sutton Community Academy.
  2. Have parental responsibility rights for that student.
  3. Have no court orders against you for that student.
  4. Have a valid email address.

In the majority of cases you will be either Mum or Dad applying for access to the Parent Portal, where you live at the same address as your child.

Implicitly being the Mother or Father of a child carries with it the parental responsibility rights required to apply for a Parent Portal account. There are no such guarantees with any other relationship with a child, and therefore we have to be extremely careful to whom we grant access to child information.

Generally speaking the Academy will not issue a Parent Portal account to any other person with a relationship to a student other than Mother or Father. However we reserve the right to approach this on a case by case basis. For example where children live with grandparent’s full time and rarely have contact with their parents.

It is also our policy to issue Parent Portal accounts to individuals, so Mum would be responsible for her own account and Dad for his own account, even though they will likely contain the same information.

Once you are sure you meet the above criteria please make a request via this email address:

You must include your:

  • full name,
  • address with postcode,
  • a contact telephone number,
  • And all students you expect access to via the Parent Portal.
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