Below we provide advice, guidance and expectations of how teaching and learning will happen over the coming weeks. We are expecting learning to continue for all students throughout this time and we are providing resources for this to happen.

There is no expected method for completing work, or for submitting it.  Students should follow instructions on the portal and try, with parent/carer help when available, to complete it to their best of their ability.  This may be on a PC, with pen and paper or practically.  In some cases, students will be asked to send their work to staff.  Spending hours at a computer is not good for our children, therefore please encourage them to have regular breaks, fresh air and variety in their day.

Parents/carers will be contacted to check on progress where work is not being completed and submitted as requested.

Thank you to all staff, students and parents for supporting each other during this unusual time.

Student Portal

Use the Student Portal to access work being set by your subject teachers, you need to check this daily. If you are having trouble accessing this, please see the IT Support section lower down this page.


Check emails daily, this will be important for returning work and communication. If you don’t know your email address you can check it on the Student Portal (link above), by logging in and clicking the email link in the navigation bar. You can also reset your password on that page.


A suggested timetable has been devised to provide you with a good mix of academic and other activities.  You should follow your daily timetable wherever possible.

Before Learning

Wake up early
Get washed and dressed
Have a healthy breakfast


Physical warm up (Such as, Joe Wicks PE live workout or Just Dance!)


Complete an activity for whatever lesson I have Period One using resources online or from the Student Portal.


Complete an activity for whatever lesson I have Period One using resources online or from the Student Portal.


Can I help with anything?
Call a friend and ask how they are.
Call or video call a grandparent or relative and ask how they are.

11am-12 noon

Depending on weather, I might do some more work on the computer, do something creative (art, music, baking, cooking) or I might do something outside in the garden.


Complete an activity for whatever lesson I have Period One using resources online or from the Student Portal.


Complete an activity for whatever lesson I have Period One using resources online or from the Student Portal.


Complete an activity for whatever lesson I should have Period Five for 30 mins.

I will read something everyday, a book, a magazine, a blog, a magazine or BBC news.
Y7/Y8 – Quiz on Accelerated Reader.
Call a friend and read with them or call a family member and read to them.

After Learning

Help each other – is there anything I can do to help around the house?
Check in with family and friends (Virtually!).
Relax – do something I enjoy, eg. playstation or Xbox.

Online Platforms

We have some new online platforms that we would like you to access. Guides can be found below how to access each of these, guides include information for students and parents where applicable.

Help with work

Step 1

Organise – Lessons, Equipment, Homework.
Work – Where can I find the answers?
Never – Hand in work I am not proud of!
Independence – Solve challenges without the teacher.
Time – To check my work.

Step 2
Ask for Help

Students (with a parent/carer present) email:
Using your school email address ONLY.
Include the issues, teacher and subject.
Staff will not respond to direct emails.

Step 3
Staff Response

Your email in step 2 is emailed to the class teacher and their head of department.

The classroom teacher will respond with solutions and further guidance to solve challenges independently.

Other Resources

The BBC will offer daily programmes to help parents and children with schoolwork at home during the lockdown. Starting on 20 April, videos, quizzes, podcasts and articles will appear on BBC

The government have brought together an initial list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home.
These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages:

Off School is free for all families. Throughout the school closure period local teachers and authors will be creating short films of fun learning activities for families at home to keep children excited and enthusiastic to learn! Off School also helps parents and carers navigate their way through the maze of activities that are available. There is also a competition zone:

Activities you can do from home, courtesy of PiXL:

Academy Work Packs

IT Support

If you need IT support please make contact using this email address, but please note it may take 24 hours for a response.